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To provide outdoor enthusiasts with quality products, with unsurpassed service, through customer-focused innovation.

Whether it's radically changing the way you enjoy your favorite pastime with our game-changing new technologies, or reinventing our current product line, we relentlessly pursue innovation in all aspects of our business. At NorCross Outdoors, Customer Focused Innovation is not just some fancy corporate slogan, it's the foundation of every product and service that we offer. 

We consistently stay one step ahead of our competition, not by copying what they do, but by continually knocking ourselves off. NorCross Outdoors is not just some sourcing company that slaps its name on the next product that comes down the pipe. We design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute every product that bears our brand names. Rest assured, when you get a product from NorCross Outdoors, it's built to last. We guarantee it by giving you a 2-year warranty on everything we sell.


Fishing not only sparks our innovation, but it also reminds us to keep striving for perfection so that you can enjoy your break from reality...


When we are not pursuing our mission of supplying you with best fishing and boating products, you can bet were on a boat with friends and family...

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